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New Handcrafted Bags for 2022

New year, new bags! What I'm working on for my handmade bag business in 2022.

This past year was extremely busy, and I'm grateful for everyone who has been a part of it! I have so many patterns that I want to make and test for you this year but it takes time.

Usually, when I have a new pattern, it takes twice as long to make. I inspect every detail to ensure that I'm constructing it correctly. Additionally, I'm figuring out any hacks that can be used to be more efficient. I usually make a few "test bags" in different combinations of fabrics (canvas vs cotton, a lighter vs heavier interfacing) until the perfect mix comes together. Then I use the bag as intended for a while to see if I want to add, change, or eliminate anything from the pattern. It's a process.

Currently sitting in my queue are about 10 patterns that I've had, a few as long as a year, waiting to be made. Some will make the cut (pun intended) and some won't. Some will honestly just be too much time and material to price the bag what it would be worth making. In that case, watch for the sample/test bags to be sold at a discount at the pop-up markets this summer. My goal is to make all of these bag patterns at least once!

From the feedback I've heard, what you're mostly wanting is more POCKETS! I can do that! It might add to the price a bit for the extra material and time, but it's definitely doable. The other request I've heard is for more crossbody bags. I have a few to test the market with but they're good ones, I promise! Additionally, I have some totes, shoulder bags, a fanny pack, and a sling bag - with lots of pockets.

Is there something you're looking for from me in 2022? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message!

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