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Markets and New Products for 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

How about an update from Sew Totally Jo?? It's been a busy, busy year, and while I'm waiting for my pre-dinner snack to cool (an egg roll from Andrea's Korean Egg Rolls). I thought now was the perfect time to write a little something. Either that or burn the living daylights out of the roof of my mouth.

Not too long ago I finished up a contract sewing gig with Stormy Kromer. I was super flattered they asked me to sew up some of their wristlets for them. And when I say some, I mean 300 of them. It took me longer than expected but it was a fun experience.

Here's the Instagram post of me boxing up the last 63 and sending them off to Michigan.

When that was done, I started prepping and planning for Christmas. I have three remaining markets coming up in the Eau Claire, WI area. To see more information, check out my events page.

  • October 15 - Elk Mound Art & Craft Fair (Elk Mound High School)

  • November 12 - Christmas in the Northwoods (Northwoods Elementary School)

  • December 10 - Ladies in the Greenhouse (Down to Earth Garden Center)

Fifteen markets was a bit too much for me this year, I'll have to remember that for next year! I haven't been able to add new listings to my website because they sell at the markets, and then I have to turn around and make more for the next weekend. I am currently working on it, though! I learned my limitations as a business owner of one, which reminds me of what I saw the other day:

As far as new products this year, I've made some wallets (left), a larger crossbody bag (middle), and a sling/fanny pack (right). The sling has been the most popular out of the group - maybe because of its versatility - it can be worn in the front, back, or across the waist.

Also these cute little key fobs in a wide variety of colors and patterns! They are made with heavy cotton webbing on the inside, so they are sturdy, not floppy, and are great for helping you find your keys easily. They sell pretty quickly, so I don't have them on my website, currently. If you see one you like when I post on social media, feel free to let me know and I can add it to the website for purchase. I also have key fobs that go around the wrist. A young customer around 10 years old was debating on what to purchase at one of my markets and I suggested a key fob. She said "what would I use it for?" to which I replied " keys?" **palm to face**

That's about all for now. Plus my egg rolls are no longer lava hot.

Any particular products you'd like to see for gift-giving this year?

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