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What I'm currently working on....

It's almost the middle of July and time is flying by! I've been so busy my head is spinning.

I love doing markets and shows. It's such a fun community of artists and other makers that really support each other, and I genuinely look forward to seeing these people on a regular basis during the season. I'm always changing my setup and most recently made this stand for my hanging bags. It takes up a lot less space but at the same time leaves almost too much room and makes my 10x10 space feel empty. I guess I'll have to fill it with more bags! I was pretty proud of this Pinterest stand. It even has casters on the bottom so I can roll it around during indoor markets.

Another project I've had this spring/summer is sewing wristlets for a company based out of Michigan (which is known for its wool hats). I was asked to sew 300 wristlets. I'm plugging along on those and it's taking a little longer than expected, only because I didn't account for needing some sick days. Not many left to complete, though!

I'm slowly but surely supplying the local stores that carry my bags with fun and exciting things. In Eau Claire, The Local Store at Volume One recently received a handful of crossbody bags, as did the Wisconsin Markers Market! Mustard Seed Boutique at Down To Earth has some wristlets. Lastly, if you work at or are visiting Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, check out their gift shop in the Wishart Building and look for Sew Totally Jo tote and crossbody bags!

Other than all of that, I'm trying to enjoy what's left of summer - I hope you are, too!


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